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Dr. Robert Weinstock first to offer laser cataract surgery with the ALLY™ Adaptive Cataract Treatment System

Dr. Robert Weinstock, Director of Cataract and Refractive Surgery at The Eye Institute of West Florida, is the first surgeon to offer laser cataract surgery with the new ALLY System from LENSAR. The ALLY System, recently FDA cleared, is now available and the first installed unit is at The Eye Institute of West Florida. As… Read More

Dr. Robert Weinstock trials Beyeonics™ Surgery Headset

Robert Weinstock Trials Beyeonics Visualization System

Our very own Dr. Robert Weinstock is the first ophthalmologist in the US to try out a breakthrough new virtual reality headset to help improve cataract surgery. Using the same technology that fighter pilots use in the cockpit, the Beyeonics™ virtual reality headset system enables the surgeon to virtually step into a detailed environment of… Read More

New, Innovative Intraocular Lens Offering – Light Adjustable Lens

Rx Sight's Light Adjustable Lens

The Eye Institute of West Florida is the first ophthalmology practice in the southeastern United States to use this innovative technology. The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) is the first of its kind. The lens gives our surgeons the ability to make adjustments to the lens after implementation in a series of brief, painless in-office procedures…. Read More

A Whole New Lens: Everything You Need to Know about Cataracts

A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens, located behind the iris (the colored part of the eye). A healthy lens bends light rays in a way that allows us to form a clear image and focus on objects at various distances. Cataracts compromise this clear vision. At some point in our lives,… Read More

Want to Get Rid of Your Glasses? There’s a Procedure for That

We live in a digital age where seemingly any desire we wish to be fulfilled is done so with the click of a button. Want someone to pick up food from your favorite restaurant and bring it to your doorstep? There’s an app for that. Perhaps you’d like to find a fitness routine tailored to… Read More

Aren’t You Ready to Lose Your Readers?

‘I think I left my reading glasses on my nightstand. Oh no, maybe I put them in my purse? I was reading the newspaper this morning, so I know I had them in the kitchen at some point. Oh! I’ll just grab the pair I hid from myself so I wouldn’t lose them. I hid… Read More

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