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Premium Lens Implants

Intraocular Lens ExampleMonofocal is a lens that is specifically designed for one range of vision, either distant or up close. Your surgeon will help you obtain the clearest vision possible to suit your vision needs. With monofocal lenses, glasses or contacts may be needed after surgery. Also, should you have astigmatism, glasses will be needed to correct it unless the astigmatism is corrected at the time of surgery.

Monovision is a selection of lenses that allow one eye to see up close and the other eye to see at a distance. This coordination of lenses allows the brain to focus clearly on objects close up, as well as far away. Monovision is not for everyone and works well for patients who previously used monovision contacts.

What are the different types of premium lens implants?

The implantation procedure is the same for both types of IOLs. The main point of differentiation between the IOLs is in the type of vision they provide.

IOL Chart

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