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Weight Loss Center


Weight Loss ProgramWeight Wise Rx is conveniently located in Largo and St. Petersburg.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Eric Weinstock (member of the Obesity Medicine Association and Board-Certified Psychiatrist) is proud to introduce a comprehensive medical weight loss program to the St. Petersburg and Largo areas designed to not only help patients lose weight but also to help them maintain that healthier weight for the rest of their lives. It challenges conventional wisdom about weight loss and views excessive weight as more than just a medical condition. As a Board-Certified Psychiatrist, Dr. Weinstock is uniquely qualified to recognize underlying psychological barriers to weight loss.

Recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, National Center for Health Statistics indicate that 33 percent of American adults are obese, up 25 percent since 1980. Telling an individual to eat less when they are overweight is equivalent to telling a person with asthma to stop wheezing. Just as a diabetic or hypertensive person can't be expected to control his or her disease without a suitable diet and medical program, neither should an overweight person.

You Can Lose Weight

Weight loss is extremely difficult for most people; however, the principles are easy enough to understand: eat less and exercise more. Yet, like many other things that seem simple, losing weight is much more complex than it initially sounds. That is why Dr. Eric L. Weinstock personally designed the Weight Wise Rx weight loss program to be the most comprehensive physician-supervised weight loss program available. This program utilizes all proven successful weight loss techniques, including the use of prescription appetite suppressants, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, vitamins, amino acid injections, exercise, behavior and diet modification. Dr. Weinstock customizes the program individually for each patient, based on his in-depth evaluation and the specific needs of each patient. This all-encompassing approach ensures that you will reach your target weight as quickly and safely as possible. But his methods go above and beyond the standard medical aspects of weight loss.

Dr. Weinstock's program is truly unique. As a psychiatrist, he is equipped to assist his patients with the psychological problems that led to their original weight gain itself and those mental images that have helped to defeat all prior efforts to maintain a healthy weight. He will help to modify poor eating habits as he leads his patients to improved health, which results in increased energy and less dependence on certain medications. His experience as a psychiatrist enables him to recognize and deal with the roadblocks that people encounter as they attempt weight loss and the maintenance of their new slimmer, healthier bodies. As a medical doctor, he is able to achieve results for people who have failed time and time again to lose weight. Under his personal supervision, he provides the skills and knowledge that makes weight loss achievable, even for those who have been unsuccessful in their attempts to do so on their own.

The first step in Dr. Weinstock’s evaluation is to explore the underlying causes of the problem through a personal, in-depth interview along with medical tests. A comprehensive evaluation of the individual is developed to create a weight-loss program tailored to his/her specific needs and medical requirements. Thereafter, weekly appointments monitor the patient’s progress until Dr. Weinstock and the patient are satisfied that the problems have been resolved and the patient is able to maintain his or her new lifestyle.

Don’t just change the way you look, change the way you feel!