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Autologous Serum Eye Drops

Autologous Serum Eye Drops

Older couple celebrating after Dry Eye TreatmentThe key to unlocking the right medication for severe dry eye syndrome may lie in the ingredients of your own blood. Of the many options we offer for dry eye treatment is Autologous Serum Eye Drops. These drops are a derivative of your own blood serum (the clear fluid in your bloodstream) and is used to aid in the relief of ocular surface disorders.

It provides eyes with the most bio-compatible answer to a healthy, natural tear film. They are all-natural and custom-made for the patient and contain no preservatives. Traditional therapies for dry eye sometimes have limitations, like preservatives. Symptoms of dry eyes that do not respond well to traditional therapies may be better treated with Serum Eye Drops for more effective relief.

Drops made specifically for you

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Serum Eye Drops contain all of the critical ingredients for a perfect tear layer – water, oils, mucous, and complex proteins. Your serum also contains many natural healing and anti-inflammatory factors in proportions finely tuned to your eye’s needs and your body’s biochemistry to make for a very soothing solution. When taken as prescribed, this medication can help control dry eye symptoms, stabilize vision, and promote healing where other previous therapies have failed.

To make Serum Eye Drops for you, a small quantity of blood is drawn and processed to isolate the clear serum. After sterile processing, the serum is sent to a compounding pharmacy to be diluted with sterile saline and placed in dropper bottles for use. A single small blood draw will typically yield a supply of Serum Eye Drops lasting four months.

Eversight Vital Tears®

Vital Tears LogoThe Eye Institute of West Florida uses a third party service through the Eversight Vital Tears® program. This service will come out to your home and/or provide you with a list of facilities for you to visit to have your blood drawn. They will spin the serum is diluted to your specifications at a Vital Tears laboratory and deliver the drops to your home. Click here to get started with Vital Tears®.

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Tampa Ophthalmologist Neel R. Desai, MDNeel R. Desai, M.D. is a fellowship-trained, board-certified, ophthalmologist strictly specializing in LASIK, cataract, and corneal diseases of the eye. Dr. Desai is a top graduate of the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine and completed his fellowship in cornea, cataract, and refractive surgery at the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University. He is recognized throughout the country and internationally as one of only 100 surgeons able to perform advanced corneal transplants and another complex cataract, corneal and refractive procedures. He holds pending patents to new surgical products and advanced cornea surgical procedures of his own design. Additionally, Dr. Desai has authored many book chapters in his field of study and continues to write articles in peer review journals.