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New Breakthrough Wet Macular Degeneration Treatment Beovu® Available

New, FDA-approved breakthrough wet macular degeneration treatment Beovu® is now available at The Eye Institute of West Florida.

World-renowned Retina Specialist Dr. Leonard Kirsch is one of the first physicians in Florida to offer Beovu® to his patients.

Much like Eyelea® and Avastin®, Beovu® is an injectible drug designed to treat patients with wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). What makes Beovu® stand out, is the potential for less eye injections and office visits. Patients have also experienced great visual outcomes in 2 clinical trials.

Below are highlights from those clinical studies.

People experienced vision improvements with Beovu®

  • On average, people gained nearly 7 letters on an eye chart in each study. Nearly 30% of people in each study gained at least 15 letters.
  • Over 93% of people in both studies maintained their vision.

Beovu® offers a 3-month dosing schedule in the first year of treatment

  • The recommended dose for Beovu® is a monthly injection for the first 3 treatments. Thereafter, Beovu® is given once every 2-3 months.
  • In 2 studies, over 50% of people remained on a 3-month dosing schedule through the first year.
  • All others who received Beovu® were on a 2-month dosing schedule.

How does Beovu® work?

In an eye with wet AMD, abnormal blood vessels grow and leak fluid in the back of the eye. This is caused by an increase in vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). VEGF is a natural protein responsible for producing new blood vessels. When this is produced in excess, it results in abnormal blood vessel growth damaging the eye and leading to loss of vision. Beovu® slows the growth of abnormal blood vessels that leak fluid by blocking VEGF allowing the eye to operate normally.

More information on Beovu® can be found at beovu.com.

To schedule a retina evaluation with Dr. Leonard Kirsch or any of our other Retina Specialists, click here or call (727) 581-8706.

[source: beovu.com]
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