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Dr. Robert Weinstock Co-Program Chair for 2017 Caribbean Eye Meeting in Cancun, Mexico

It’s a busy month for Dr. Robert Weinstock, Director of Cataract and Refractive Services at The Eye Institute of West Florida. This weekend he and Dr. William Wiley, cataract and refractive surgeon at Cleveland Eye Clinic, are the Program Chairs for the 2017 Caribbean Eye Meeting in Cancun, Mexico. The meeting, taking place from February 3-6, 2017, includes many of the most innovative cataract and refractive surgeons within ophthalmology. Dr. Weinstock and Dr. Wiley will facilitate the meeting in addition to presenting throughout.

Dr. Robert Weinstock begins Caribbean Eye on Friday, February 3 with a Revision Optics Raindrop Near Vision Inlay MD Advisory Board Meeting. Dr. Weinstock, the exclusive Raindrop surgeon in Tampa Bay, is also part of a clinical trial for implanting the Raindrop, designed to reduce or eliminate your need for reading glasses, in patients who have already had cataract surgery. The procedure received FDA approval for patients who are dependent on reading glasses and have not had cataract surgery toward the end of 2016. Dr. Weinstock has been performing the procedure since its FDA approval.

At 2:05 pm Dr. Weinstock, Dr. Wiley, Allison Shuren, JD and Alan Reider, JD kick off the opening session and lead the panels: “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Business Landmines,” “Things that Keep Us Up at Night” and a discussion following the panels. Following the opening session, Dr. Weinstock and Dr. Wiley will introduce Alexander Valentin, CHT, with the Ritz-Carlton, who will be discussing “The Ritz-Carlton Patient Experience.”

Saturday begins with a panel on “The Legend of Legacy,” featuring Dr. Robert Weinstock and his father and the founder of The Eye Institute of West Florida, Dr. Stephen Weinstock. The panel features cataract and refractive surgeons within the same family, across multiple generations.

From 11:30 – 12pm Dr. Weinstock will attend a Shire Leadership Team meeting, followed immediately with a presentation during the lunch symposium.

Dr. Weinstock starts Sunday’s breakfast by introducing the symposium presenters followed by an introduction for Drs. Ike Ahmed and Paul Singh, presenting “Wake up with MIGS.”

The last day of the meeting will begin with Dr. Robert Weinstock presenting during the 6:30am breakfast symposium. At 9:21 he will present “The Femto Breakthrough” during the “Cataract Surgery – Soup to Nuts” portion of the day. He and Dr. Wiley will then host a join session on “Perfecting your Practice, from 10:30 – 11:45am.

The conference continues that day as Dr. Weinstock will present and speak on his experiences with the brand new, FDA approved Tecnis Symfony Intraocular Lens, a first of its kind, which provides patients with an extended depth of focus, reducing or even eliminating their need for glasses to see in the distance, intermediate and up close.

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