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American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery 2016 Summer Symposium

Dr. Weinstock, Program Committee Member for American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery’s (AECOS) Summer Symposium, will be leading discussions, panels and moderating numerous events throughout the weekend-long conference. He will also be starring in and moderating a special, “Afternoon at the Movies,” which will show different cases in 3D.

The American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery “is a unique collaboration of physicians, ophthalmic industry executives, select venture capitalists and technology entrepreneurs. The Society meets three times each year – in the US and Europe – to evaluate new developments in technology, surgical technique, clinical studies and progressive patient care. True to our mission, the membership of AECOS remains dedicated to advancing vision care and improving patients’ quality of life through Innovation, Education and Advocacy. The membership of AECOS has actively participated in bringing revelatory innovation to ophthalmic anterior segment surgery.”*

Below is Dr. Robert Weinstock’s schedule during the 6th Annual AECOS Summer Symposium. Follow along during the weekend-long symposium by using #AECOSDV2016

(3:00 PM) Role Play: Panelists present real life difficult situations with cataract and refractive patients
Panel: John Doane MD, Mark Kontos MD, Allison Shuren Esq, Robert Weinstock, MD

(4:50 PM) CASE PRESENTATION – Pharma Case 2: Dropping the mic on dropless. This was my final dropless case.
Discussants: Kendall Donaldson MD, William Trattler MD, William Wiley MD


(9:05 AM) Case 1:
Bilateral ERMs with 20/25 retina; wants a Multifocal IOL Robert Weinstock, MD
Discussants: John Vukich MD, George Waring IV MD, William Wiley MD

(10:30 AM) Session 5: Complex Cataract Cases (100% video, no slides)
Moderators: Robert Weinstock, MD and William Wiley, MD


(7:00 AM) Session 6: Practice Impossible! (20 minute case presentations/discussions)
Moderator: Steven Dell, MD and Matt Jensen, MBA
Panel: Mark Rosenberg, Steven Vold MD, Robert Weinstock, MD, William Wiley MD, Elizabeth Yeu MD

(8:20 AM) Session 7: Managing the Practice Experience (20 minute case presentations/discussions)
Moderators: Stephen Slade, MD and Robert Weinstock, MD

(5:00 PM) AECOS 3D “Afternoon at the Movies” (Astor Ballroom & Pre-function Area)

Moderators: Robert Weinstock, MD and William Wiley, MD
5:00 Popcorn and Refreshments
5:30 – 6:30 pm 3D Videos

James Katz, MD
Jonathan Solomon, MD
William Trattler, MD
Steven Vold, MD
Robert Weinstock, MD
William Wiley, MD

*Information provided by www.aecosurgery.org

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