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Our Surgery Center

Dr. Robert Weinstock ushers in new technology that optimizes OR efficiency through a greater field of surgical view using a stereoscopic high-definition visualization system.

Our physicians helped pioneer the modern cataract procedure – the bimanual microincision technique. Where other ophthalmologists are beginning to learn this new technique, our physicians have been successfully performing thousands of these types of surgeries for years. Using the microincision technique is safer and patients are able to see more clearly, sooner, with less pain and return to their normal activities much sooner. The incision is so small it does not require a suture, and has less risk for infection and other complications.

Many advances in the field of ophthalmology have occurred over the last five years. Newer intraocular lens implant options, equipment, and technology provide safer procedures with astonishingly clearer visual results. At The Eye Institute, we embrace these advances and take pride knowing that our patients will receive the best care possible. For example, bladeless laser cataract surgery offers predictable computer level accuracy for clearer vision outcomes. For years the femtosecond technology has been used in the LASIK procedures to sharpen the vision of more youthful eyes.

Now our experienced physicians use the same technology to safely remove cataracts and correct astigmatism for a vision that is clear and sharp. Also, the Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) delivers real-time analysis of lens power, lens position, and astigmatism correction during cataract surgery that optimizes results and minimizes the need for further refinement. We are one of 5 institutions in the country with this technology. Furthermore, the new 3-D HD visualization system is a heads up digital flat panel display in 3-D that provides our surgeons with the most ergonomically, uncompromising operating room efficiencies, and is the only one available in the Tampa Bay area. Because our physicians helped in their development, we were first to use many of these newer innovations before they were made available in the general market. This means that patients have treatment available to them that they cannot get anywhere else.

If you have questions about our Tampa Bay surgery center, or if you would like to make an appointment at our office, give us a call!

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