the eye institute of west florida

The Eye Institute of West Florida Notice

This notice contains important information about a recent breach of personal information from The Eye Institute of West Florida affecting a small subset of patients. If you were affected, you should have received a letter from The Eye Institute of West Florida regarding this breach. If you did not receive a letter regarding this breach, there is no need for concern.

We became aware of this breach on 6/22/20, which occurred on 6/21/20. The breach occurred as follows:

  • Description: An employee emailed a Patient listing report unencrypted from a secure email address to a non-secure public email address.
  • Type(s) of Protected Health Information(PHI): First name, last name, address (including city, state & zip), phone number, email address, and internal patient record number.
  • Social Security number, medical documentation, payment information, or any other form of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) WAS NOT TRANSMITTED.
  • Individual Steps: Patients not required to take any special actions, as the information transmitted does not put anyone at risk for identity theft.
  • Mitigation: The transmitted data was successfully deleted from the public email account.

In response to this breach, The Eye Institute of West Florida has increased encryption and training protocols. We take our role of safeguarding your personal information seriously. We are doing everything we can to rectify the situation and prevent it from ever happening in the future.

We have established a toll-free number that patients can call with questions and concerns about the loss of personal information. Patients may call 1-866-720-9722 during normal business hours.

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