the eye institute of west florida

Live Cataract Surgery Seminar in 3-D

On Monday, February 10th starting at 3PM guests will learn all about cataract, cataract surgery and all the important pre-surgical decisions patients need to understand. This presentation will start off with a discussion by Dr. Neel Desai on What is a Cataract?before guest turn their attention to a special screen where Dr. Robert Weinstock will perform a live cataract procedure demonstration that will take place in 3-D. Afterwards, guest will meet the patient and be able to ask the doctors their questions. Finally, should our guest want to learn if they have a cataract, our doctors will provide a free cataract screening. Please RSVP for this very special event by calling (727) 581-8706.

LASIK Self-Test Cataract Self-Test